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These university services help students to find suitable tools to complement their studies and support in their academic and research work.

The University Library (BUC)

The Library is the UC service that meets the needs of university teaching and research by means of scientific documents, and also manages and circulates the University’s bibliographic material. The main offices are located in the Edificio Interfacultativo, and there are nine divisions or service points in diverse University centres, which provide users with direct service and house collections relating to the specific nature of the centre where they are held.
Biblioteca de la Universidad de Cantabria
Avenida de Los Castros s/n. 39005 Santander
Tel. +34 942 20 11 98   
Fax: + 34 942 20 11 83

Extramural Services and Activities

The University Extramural Services are run directly by the Vice-Rectorate for Extramural Studies. Their aim is to promote and divulge activity both on and off campus, in collaboration with public and private institutions. They also subsidise projects that emerge from the university community and put into circulation throughout the University all information on courses, competitions, prizes, seminars, meetings and all types of cultural activities, organised both in Spain and abroad. Programmes are run by Science, Cinema, Sound and Image, Arts, Music, Cultural Heritage, Theatre and Theology Groups, by the “Isabel Torres” Women’s and Gender Studies Interdisciplinary Group and by the International Co-operation Group.
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Physical Activities and Sports Service 

This encourages physical education, promotes activities that include physical preparation, sports competition, self-expression through movement as well as outdoor activities. Most of these courses go on for four months (October to January and February to May). There are substantial discounts for UC students.
Servicio de Deportes 
Pabellón Polideportivo
Avda. de los Castros s/n. 39005 Santander
Tel. +34 942 20 18 81
Fax: + 34 942 20 18 80

Language Centre

The “CIUC” is the UC’s Language Centre. It aims on providing the university community with a foreign language teaching service. It also covers the need for Spanish teaching for students taking part in exchange programmes. The CIUC offers English, German, French, Italian and Chinese courses. In addition, Spanish courses are held during the summer months and throughout the academic year for foreign students on exchange programmes or bilateral agreements and provides tailor-made language and culture programmes for foreign universities.
Centro de Idiomas (CIUC) 
Edificio Facultades de Derecho y Económicas, planta -1
Avda. de los Castros s/n, 39005 Santander
Tel: +34 942 20 13 13
Fax: +34 942 20 13 16

Information Technologies Service

This provides students with an e-mail account. To be able to use this service, students must be holders of the University Student Card (TUI). The UC’s IT Service also enables you to look up marks, academic reports, class times and examination timetables on-line, and to find teaching material. There is a space for private websites in addition to the ALUMNOS-i cordless network, which provides connection to portable equipment. For more information:
Servicio de informática
Edificio de Filología. Bajo.
Avda. de los Castros s/n. 39005 Santander.
Tel. +34 942 20 10 93   
Fax: +34 942 20 10 83

SOUCAN (Psychological Attention Service for Students)

This service gives out administrative and general information, organises Study Welcome and Personal Training Courses, and provides university students with counselling. There is also a Normalisation Programme, which aims to support students who are undergoing academic difficulties or who have to deal with barriers of a physical (through disability) and social nature.
Edificio Interfacultativo. 3ª planta.
Avda. de los Castros s/n. 39005 Santander.
Tel. +34 942 20 12 16

Careers and Employment Information Centre (COIE)

This is run by the Vice-rectorate for Students, and its aims include that of adding work experience to the student’s university training. To this end it develops different job experience programmes. It also administers collaboration grant awards at the UC as well as job offers outside the university ambit and provides training and careers advice.
Centro de orientación e información de empleo (COIE) 
Facultad de Ciencias.
Avda. de los Castros s/n. 39005 Santander.
Tel: work experience and employment: +34 942 20 14 14
Tel: careers advice: +34 942 20 20 32
Tel: training: +34 942 20 09 60

University Ombudsman

The Ombudsman ensures that the rights of all the members of the university are upheld and acts whenever any of these members (students, lecturers, clerical workers and maintenance staff) feel their rights have been infringed. The Ombudsman’s responsibilities are: dealing with complaints and grievances, giving consultation, mediating between opposing parties, drawing up reports and making suggestions and recommendations.
Defensor Universitario 
Facultad de Derecho, 2ª planta, zona norte
Avda. de los Castros s/n. 39005 Santander
Tel. +34 942 20 20 22
Fax: +34 942 20 20 23