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Masters and Doctoral Programmes
The UC offers a broad range of postgraduate studies aimed at responding to the current needs of society. Their objective is, on the one hand, to train professionals capable of accepting and overcoming the contemporary socio-economic challenges and, on the other hand, of creating an entire generation of top-rate researchers.
The UC postgradute courses consist on masters, doctorates and continuing education.
The official masters have been adapted to the New European Higher Education Area. Courses offered by the UC provide advanced training that facilitates academic or professional specialisation, or else which foster initiating a research career. These studies carry between 60 and 120 ECTS credits and may be applied for by anyone holding an official university degree.
The University of Cantabria offers other postgraduate studies which provide further preparation in many different areas of specialisation and which are directly focused on the professional applications of the disciplines being taught.
Doctoral studies are aimed at training academics and researchers of the very highest level. They combine specialisation within a scientific and technical area with training in research techniques.

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