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Degrees (Bologna Process)


Faculty of Sciences
Degree in Computer Science Engineering
Degree in Physical Sciences 
Degree in Mathematics

Faculty of Economics and Business Studies

Degree in Business Administration and Management 
Degree in Economics

Faculty of Law

Degree in Labour Relations 
Degree in Law

School of Teacher Training

Degree in Children’s Education Teaching
Degree in Primary Education Teaching

Faculty of Humanities

Degree in Geography and Land Planning
Degree in History

Faculty of Medicine

Degree in Medicine

School of Civil Engineering

Degree in Civil Engineering

School of Industrial Engineering and Telecommunications

Degree in Electrical Engineering 
Degree in Chemical Engineering 
Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Degree in Automatic and Electronic Industrial Engineering
Degree in Technical Industrial Engineering
Degree in Technical Telecommunications Engineering

School of Nautical Studies

Degree in Marine Engineering 
Diploma in Maritime Engineering 
Degree in Naval Engineering and Maritime Transportation

School of Nursing ‘Casa de Salud Valdecilla’

Degree in Nursing

School of Technical Mining Engineering

Degree in Energetic Resources Engineering
Degree in Mining Resources Engineering

“Gimbernat Cantabria” School of Physiotherapy (ascribed institution)

Degree in Physiotherapy

“Altamira” School of Tourism (ascribed institution)

Degree in Tourism

Courses in English

The UC offers as well courses taught in English by UC faculty staff with wide teaching and research experience. Theses courses are organised in three different one-semester programmes of between 25 and 30 ECTS credits:
• Diploma in European Business and Economics
• Diploma in Advanced Applied Technologies for Industry
• Diploma in Experimental Physics
• Civil Engineering programme with the University of Cornell
• Diploma in Spanish History and Culture
Teaching is carried out in small groups. It is possible to register for individual courses but, in order to obtain a Diploma, students need to succesfully complete all the courses that make up the Diploma.