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Support to R+D+i groups
Apoyo a los grupos de I+D+i

In coordination with the Vice-Rector Office for Research and Knowledge Transfer, rapprochement and entrepreneurial collaboration programmes and actions have been developed, which in one sense have meant a greater knowledge of the University and its research groups by regional and national companies, and in the other sense, of the entrepreneurial fabric and its characteristics by university researchers.

At the same time, structures and regulations of the UC itself have been consolidated in order to pay attention to the whole process of creation and knowledge transfer. Therefore, with the support of the “Board in Research and Organization Areas”, actions in various services to support management in research and transfer are coordinated; the Service of Research Management, the Research Results Transfer Office (OTRI) and the units which have been recently created with the aim of promoting a valorization in research and internationalization results: the Valorization Office and the Office of European Projects.

Another key part of the University of Cantabria in the promotion of entrepreneurial collaboration, entrepreneurship and the development of technologically-based companies is the Leonardo Torres Quevedo Foundation (FLTQ) which is the General Foundation of our University.  Besides carrying out management in entrepreneurial collaboration projects, FLTQ manages the Centre for Technological Development in the UC (CDTUC), one of the first university-based technological parks which is also a “breeding ground for companies” and a meeting and work point amongst research groups and “technologically-based companies” (EBT’S).  Once the companies placed in CDTUC have been consolidated, they will carry out their natural development in the Scientific and Technological Park in Cantabria (PCTCAN), where the University forms part of its Board.  The internationalization mark of CDTUC is placed with its participation in the UNIEMPRENDIA Network, which brings together the most important Ibero-American Universities who have developed Scientific-Technological Parks.

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