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Current situation of the Area of Banking, Finance and Entrepreneurial Activities

Together with the signing of the agreement with Santander Bank to create Santander Financial Institute (SanFi), the area will mark a landmark in the near future in the generation, dissemination and knowledge transfer in the financial sector. 

The AGL Programme in this area has allowed the researcher Francisco Peñaranda to be incorporated; he will be integrated within the centre and will collaborate in defining its work-lines.  In parallel, the creation of Santander International Entrepreneur Centre (CISE) is predicted, an international university institute of reference for research, transfer and learning in entrepreneurship.  Both centres will be run through the UC Foundation for Study and Research in the Financial Sector (UCEIF), a joint UC-Santander Bank foundation.

In the field of teaching, initiatives such as the Doctorate in Entrepreneurship with TEC in Monterrey and the Master’s Degree in Banking and Financial Markets will be strengthened, and during the 2013-2014 academic year it has scheduled the incorporation of new teaching lines. In the next academic year, a Master's Degree in Banking is planned; it will be taught in English for international students, and a Master's Degree in Corporate Finance is also planned.

Entrepreneurship has been an important protagonist in the activity of this area and that of the UC in a transversal way, with initiatives such as the Ist international Encounter of Experts in Entrepreneurship, attended by representatives of Babson College, the TEC in Monterrey or the University of Oxford, giving rise to the draft for a Proposal for Entrepreneurship in Cantabria delivered to the Regional Executive in February 2012.
Finally, consolidation of the Foundation for Strategic Analysis and Development in SMEs (FAEDPYME), formed by the universities of Cantabria, Murcia and Cartagena Polytechnic has been achieved, and it is working to establish an International Research Network about SMEs.