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The singularity of Cantabria International Campus is determined by the specific importance of the University of Cantabria in relation to the Autonomous Community.  The quality of the teaching resources and researches in the academic institution and the reduced size of the region allow it to create a setting of solid and efficient collaboration for the construction of a development strategy based on knowledge.

Recently, the University of Cantabria has unfolded an ambitious collaboration programme with the principal institutions and companies in the region to take advantage of its academic and scientific capacities.  This joint path of understanding and work has allowed the foundations to be laid for Cantabria International Campus, a collective and multi-disciplinary project based on the aggregation of both strengths and work. 

Therefore, excellence in the University of Cantabria and its contribution to the development of the region represents a distinguishing element in this project.  According to classification lists in the Knowledge and Development Foundation (CyD) in 2010, the University of Cantabria occupied 5th position within Spain in teaching quality and 8th in research quality.  On the other hand, a study by the Institute of Economic Research in Valencia shows that income and employment, attributed to the University of Cantabria, represents 2% of GDP and 2.61% of the employment rate in Cantabria.  According to this report, for every euro invested in the UC society in Cantabria receives 2.7.  22% of the total average growth in Cantabria in the last decade can be attributed to its public university.

With regards to Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP), which heads coordination of this Project together with the University of Cantabria, it stands out because of the excellence and international scope of its education programmes.  The institution has a catalogue of 22 Post-graduate programmes, 8 Doctorates in various areas of knowledge and an extensive catalogue of short courses.  Besides, with a history which stretches over 75 years, the UIMP has become known as a reference in the teaching of Spanish for foreign students.  

Participation of the other 17 institutions throughout the region focuses on the integration of their  respective strengths in the different strategic lines of CCI.  The joint entities are: Cantabria Parliament, the Government of Cantabria, Santander and Torrelavega Town Councils, Sodercan Group, Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital, Valdecilla Virtual Hospital, Santander Bank, Liderbank (Caja Cantabria), the Chamber of Commerce and CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria.