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The University of Cantabria
Universidad de Cantabria

The University of Cantabria (UC) is one of the only two Spanish universities that is amongst the 10 best in teaching and research quality rankings, according to the 2011 CYD report.  The academic programmes consist of 29 undergraduate programs and 35 Official Master programmes, Doctorate studies and other courses.  In the UC, basic and applied research is carried out in diverse fields of knowledge, both within the actual University and in the research institutions and other establishments that have actually emerged from the University of Cantabria.

The UC is a motor for the regional economy due to its vocation in the diffusion of knowledge of the UC, which is fulfilled in its didactic, research and innovative functions offered to businesses and to the entire Cantabrian society.  The income and employment currently ascribable to the UC represent 2% of the gross domestic product and 2.61% of the employment in Cantabria and it is estimated that 22% of the total average growth of Cantabria in the last decade is attributable to its public university.  In addition, for each euro invested in the UC, the Cantabrian society recieves 2.7 (according to the Valencian Report of Economic Research).