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Society for the Regional Development of Cantabria
Sociedad para el Desarrollo Regional de Cantabria - SODERCAN

​The Sodercan group ( is one of the founding aggregates of Cantabria International Campus, according to the  framework agreement signed by the institution in 2009. Sodercan is a basic element of Cantabria International Campus owing to its intention of innovating in the economic fabric of Cantabria and developing  a society of knowledge.

Sodercan is the public company dependent on the Industry and Technological Development Council, in charge of   innovation, industrial and  managerial development at Cantabria University.

Sodercan is one of the biggest supports of the area of excellence ¨Water and Energy ¨of Cantabria International Campus, by coordinating the association of institutions and leading energy companies in the marine environment Sea of Innovation Cantabria Cluster. It also directs the Tower of Renewable energies of the Institute of Environmental Hydraulics (IH Cantabria ) * It  calls and  gives financial support to promote the  Industrial  R+D+i  in Renewable energies and organizes or sponsors Scientific conferences such as Ocean 2011 or the International Conference of Coastal Engineering 2012 organized by the IH that will take place in Santander July 2012 , within the arranged strategies with the CCI.

Sodercan contributes with management support to make implementation of the technological platform SmartSantander and the coordination of the project possible. This initiative, funded by the European Union and headed by Cantabria University, Telefónica and the contribution of  Santander Town Council, among others, is one of the basics of the strategy in the area of Excellence “ Technology which belongs to Cantabria International Campus . To create an Institute in charge of the Development and the  Innovation in the Information Technologies and Communication (IDITIC )*
En el área de “Tecnología”, Sodercan también está coordinando con la UC la creación de dos clústers para fomentar la transferencia de resultados de investigación. Se trata de dos agregaciones de instituciones y empresas que formarán los futuros “Clúster de estructuras y componentes” y “Clúster de Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación”*.

In the area of Technology, Sodercan is also coordinating together with the UC the creation of two clusters to promote the transfer of the research results. These are two aggregations of institutions and companies which will form the future ¨ Cluster of information Technologies and Communication.

Sodercan colabora con la UC el fomento de la innovación, el emprendimiento y la transferencia de la investigación al tejido productivo. Asimismo, apoya programas de formación en inglés de los investigadores y cofinancia la “Cátedra de creación e innovación audiovisual de la UC”*.

Sodercan collaborates with the UC in promoting innovation, entrenpreneurship and Research transfer to production. Likewise, It supports training programmes in English for researchers and jointly finances ¨The Chair of creation and audiovisual innovation in the UC”.

(*) Action-line which corresponds to the one reflected in CEI the Strategic Conversion Plan in 2009.

NOTA: This text has been elaborated by the University of Cantabria in accordance with the agreements reached with Sodercan and is subject to revisión by this institution.



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