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Puerto de Santander

Santander Port Authority (Port of Santander- is a founding aggregate of Cantabria International Campus, through the framework agreement signed in 2009. The draft project  for further action in Cantabria International Campus is the establishment of the International Center for Technology and Port Administration (CITAP).

This partnership was founded with the aim of promoting specialized teaching in port management and technology, research and development of studies and reports in this field, and promote cultural activities and edit publications related to its aims. The CITAP vocation is to become a benchmark in its field worldwide, especially in Spain and Latin America.

The Port Authority of Santander, the Cantabrian Government, the Menéndez Pelayo International University and the University of Cantabria are involved in establishing the CITAP. They have signed a specific agreement for the implementation of this project.

The training programs integrated in the CITAP target port industry professionals and university students who are interested in joining the industry labour or through research work. Structurally, their training plan involves four elements: Continuous Education Courses (seminars and meetings); Specialization Courses, Expert Courses and a Master’s Degree in Management and Port Management. These programs place value on the experience of CITAP partners over the past 12 years in specialized training.

In addition, in the field of CITAP there are collaborations in several Master’s Degree in  the Graduate programme at the University of Cantabria, directly or indirectly related with the activities of the port sector.

On the other hand, the CITAP promotes an increase in technological and scientific capabilities of the port sector, both by stimulating their own research and innovative capabilities, and by strengthening its collaboration with public and private centers for the production and transfer of new knowledge, both in the technological and instrumental field, as well as in the organizational and operational.

The CITAP headquarters is located in the La Cerda lighthouse, in the Magdalena Park in Santander, where the centre  develops its academic activity. The facilities were rehabilitated and upgraded in 1999 and 2000 by the Port Authority and urban rehabilitation of the environment is scheduled. Complementarily, the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) provides its facilities on Las Llamas campus for training activities.

(*) Action that corresponds to the one reflected in the Strategic Conversion Plan to an International Campus Excellence (CIE) in 2009.

NOTE: This text has been prepared by the University of Cantabria on the basis of agreements reached with the Port of Santander and is subject to review by this institution.



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