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The Parliament of Cantabria - Parlamento de Cantabria
Parlamento de Cantabria

​The Parliament of Cantabria ( as a representative institution of the Autonomous Region, is one of the founding aggregates of Cantabria International Campus, according to the framework agreement signed in 2009. The aggregation of the seventeen constituent institutions of Cantabria International Campus took place in its headquarters.
Furthermore, support from citizens’ representatives is essential to the success of Cantabria International Campus, a joint project to create a region of knowledge. The Parliament of Cantabria centralizes the citizen and political forces of the autonomous region, so it has the function of providing a space for discussion and conceptual impulse of Cantabria International Campus.

The government team of Cantabria International Campus, in its commitment to be accountable for their activities to the Cantabrian society, appeared in March 2011 before the Parliament of Cantabria to present the results for the first year of the project. The management team of Cantabria International Campus is committed to continuing its transparent management and to presenting the results of its management at least once a year.

The regional Legislature and the UC have been working together since 1988 when the two entities first signed a collaboration agreement. Today, they develop many joint initiatives such as the digitalization of the archive of the Parliament (an activity that takes place in the Heritage Project3.0), History Encounters of Cantabria, the creation of publishing collections , scholarship programs, summer courses and other .

In February 2011 the Parliament of Cantabria recognized the quality of the UC and the value it brings to the region by delivering the Gold Medal of the Parliament of Cantabria to the University. The full Parliament unanimously passed a resolution that highlighted the “upward path of continuous improvement of the UC, its continuing pursuit of excellence, an increasingly close involvement with Cantabria, putting the generation of knowledge and culture and its transfer to society to the service of general interest”
NOTE: This text has been prepared by the University of Cantabria on the basis of agreements reached with the Parliament of Cantabria and is subject to review by this institution.



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