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Spanish Institute of Oceanography - Instituto Español de Oceanografía
Instituto Español de Oceanografía

​The Oceanographic Institute of Santander (, belonging to the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, is one of the foundation aggregates of Cantabria International Campus (CCI).   It is a part of the CCI Strategic Area of Knowledge of “Water and Energy” and shares specific collaboration actions in the “Sea of Innovation Cantabria Cluster”, an aggregation of public and private organizations which constitute an international reference in the research of renewable energies in the marine environment.

Cantabria International Campus and the Oceanographic Institute of Santander are trying to take advantage of the collaboration of the Oceanographic Institute and the UC through the group of Environmental Engineering and the Environmental Hydraulics Institute (IH Cantabria), together with the aggregates, thus fostering an exchange of researchers, sharing their equipment, facilities and infrastructure and collaborating in the spreading of knowledge.

As a result, CCI is promoting the basis to present a joint offer of research capacities, equipment and infrastructures which is available for researchers and companies in this context*
In 2011, the Oceanographic Institute and the UC, together with other aggregates of Cantabria International Campus, have held two international activities in Santander.  ICES/NAFO Symposium on the Variability of the North Atlantic and its Marine Eco-systems during 2000-2009 (may 2011).
Annual Congress of the Oceanic Engineering Society of IEEE – Oceanic Engineering Society (Oceans 2011- June 2011)

The UC collaborated in the organization of the congress, its researchers were some of the speakers and it was also one of the sponsors with funding from Cantabria International Campus.

 (*)  Action which corresponds to the one in the Strategic Conversion Plan to an International Campus of Excellence (CEI) in the year 2009.

NOTE: This text has been elaborated by the University of Cantabria on the basis of the agreements with the Oceanographic Institute of Santander and is subject to revision by this institution.




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