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​Valdecilla Virtual Hospital - Hospital Virtual Valdecilla
Hospital Virtual Valdecilla

​Valdecilla Virtual Hospital ( is one of the associates of Cantabria International Campus, in agreement with the framework signed by the institution in April 2011.  Its area of participation is developed in the area of excellence of “Biomedicine and Biotechnology”, of which it is a key component.

Valdecilla Virtual Hospital is a unique institution founded by the initiative of professionals in Medicine and with the support of the regional Government, and in very few years has gained an international relavance which permits its stable relations with the most prestigious researchers.

Valdecilla Virtual Hospital collaborates with the University of Cantabria in the development of programmes and activities for the formation and entertainment of health professionals and the innovation of medical technologies.  It also collaborates within the multi-disciplinary cluster for research and innovation geared towards biomedical technology.

In order to impell the collaboration in the framework of Cantabria International Campus, the UC applied for and obtained the necessary public funds in the Reinforcement of the International Campus of Excellence Programme of 2011 which is destined to improve the equipment of this facility and to fortify its international mobility activities.

The UC and Valdecilla Virtual Hospital are planning to create an International Postgraduate degree in Medical Simulation formation, in collaboration with the University of Harvard, MIT and the Center of Medical Simulation.  This degree is also being modified to include a Master’s Degree in Bio-engineering.

The collaboration of the HvV with the Committee of Medical Simulation of MIT strengthens the recognition of this formative activity for health professionals in Spain and Latin America.
In order to support these initiatives Robert Simon was named “Visiting Professor of Medical Education” of Cantabria’s International Campus.  Doctor Simon, who works in the Center of Medical Simulation in the USA, will be collaborating with Cantabria International Campus on the formation of multidisciplinary teams made up of doctors and professors.

(*) This is an action that corresponds with the one found in the CEI Strategic Conversion Plan in 2009.

NOTE:  This text has been elaborated by the University of Cantabaria based on those agreements reached with the CSIC and it remains subject to the reviewal on behalf of this institution.



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