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The Marcelino Botín Foundation - Fundación Marcelino Botín
Fundación Marcelino Botín

​The Marcelino Botín Foundation ( is one of the associates of the Cantabria International Campus, according to the agreement framework signed by the institution in 2009. Similarly, the Marcelino Botín Foundation and the University of Cantabria have signed a specific agreement on the development of the Cantabria International Campus. 

The Marcelino Botín Foundation and the University of Cantabria are in close collaboration within the “Language and Heritage” area of excellence working on projects such as the creation of a Cantabria Heritage Semantic Website (Heritage 3.0) whose aim is to provide society with an enormous documentary corpus on the historical, artistic, bibliographical, literary and natural heritage of the Autonomous Community of Cantabria This project has been developing very successfully and is made up of a large group of researchers and interns, as well as a highly sophisticated technological team.

Collaboration between Cantabria University and the Botín Foundation is also being developed in this same area of excellence in the study of the Environmental Heritage of the Nansa Valley * and the strengthening of the International Institute for Prehistoric Research*. In this field of prehistory work is proceeding towards the creation of a cluster in prehistoric heritage linked with the Altamira Museum and the employment of a high-level researcher with financing from the CSIC y the BotínFoundation.

In 2011 The Botín Foundation and Cantabria University offered for the first time a Master’s in Emotional, Social and Creativity Education aimed at qualified students who are to undertake their professional activity in Secondary Education which provides innovative pedagogical approaches and tools that can be used when dealing with current and future pupils at the critical moments in their academic life.
The Foundation participates in the International Seminar on Entrepreneurship, bringing its experience in starting up businesses based on Biotechnology..

(*) An action that is in agreement with the contents of the 2009 Strategic CEI plan 
NB: This text has been drawn up by the University of Cantabria based on the agreements reached with the Marcelino Botín Foundation and has yet to be revised by that institution.



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