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Fundación Comillas

​The association of the Comillas Foundation ( with the CCI is the natural result of the collaboration that this institution has been developing with Cantabria University and the UIMP since it was set up. From within the CCI the Foundation can take advantage of and develop academic and scientific resources from the two universities by means of exceptional agreements on various projects.

To this end the Comillas Foundation and the University of Cantabria have signed a specific agreement for the development of the Cantabria International Campus.
One of the most important landmarks of the collaboration strengthened by the CCI is the setting-up of the International Centre for Higher Studies in Spanish (CIESE-Fundación Comillas). This centre attached to Cantabria University is to develop the Master’s Degree that was previously included in Cantabria University’s Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language academic programme. In 2011 the CIESE offers for the first time the University Degree in Hispanic Studies, managed and awarded by Cantabria University.
The UIMP for its part brings to the Comillas Foundation the experience it has accumulated as a pioneer in Spain in the organisation of Spanish language and culture courses for foreigners.

In the scientific area, the effective incorporation of a top-class researcher should be highlighted, together with a team to back up their scientific work, to develop research in the field of Spanish teaching, as part of the Cantabria International Campus “Augusto González Linares”Programme to Attract Talent, applying resources from the International Campus itself and the Foundation. The aim is to lay the scientific foundations for a Mixed Institute of Research in the field of Hispanic language and culture.

Cantabria University and the UIMP take part in the Foundation’s commissions and working committees in order to attend to various future objectives, such as the setting-up of the Comillas Chair,as well as to lend support to specific activities, one of which is the forthcoming Mexican Hispanic International Meeting

(*)An action that is in agreement with the contents of the 2009 Strategic CEI plan 
NB: This text has been drawn up by the University of Cantabria based on the agreements reached with the Comillas Foundation and has yet to be revised by that institution.  



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