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Albéniz Foundation - Fundación Albéniz
Fundación Albéniz

​The Albéniz Foundation ( is one of the founding associates of the Cantabria International Campus, according to the agreement framework signed by the institution in 2009. Similarly, the Albéniz  Foundation and the University of Cantabria have signed a specific agreement in order to develop actions within the framework of the Cantabria International Campus. 
In addition to the training programmes it undertakes and its work in popularising music, the Albéniz Foundation is developing pioneering projects which apply new terchnologies to virtual teaching. Within the framework of the Cantabria International Campus the Albéniz foundation will provide the University of  Cantabria with the experience obtained from virtual teaching. As a pilot scheme the Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) has been chosen. This course is taught at the CIESE (a centre under the joint auspices of the Comillas Foundation and the University of Cantabria).
Collaboration between the Institutions of Cantabria has also taken shape with joint cultural activities , such as the Santander Music and Academy Encounters, organised by the Albéniz Foundation and sponsored by different CCI associates, including Cantabria University and the UIMP. This activity is an international reference for the best young musicians from all over the world.

(*) An action that is in agreement with the contents of the 2009 Strategic CEI plan
NB: This text has been drawn up by the University of Cantabria based on the agreements reached with the Albéniz Foundation and has yet to be revised by that institution.








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