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Caja Cantabria

​Caja Cantabria ( is a founding aggregate of Cantabria International Campus, according to the framework agreement signed by the entity in 2009. Caja Cantabria and the University of Cantabria have also signed a specific agreement for the development of Cantabria International Campus.

Caja Cantabria is a key player committed to the regional social and cultural development through its Social Work. Collaboration with the UC in promoting international mobility of students and the implementation of cultural activities is traditional.

In June 2011, the University of Cantabria and Caja Cantabria confirmed their collaboration in the language programme and in the academic exchange of students through a specific agreement by which Caja Cantabria provides a significant amount to the Erasmus program at the UC.

Caja Cantabria also participates in the creation of the future IDITIC (Institute of Development, Research and Innovation in Information Technology and Communications) *, to which it signed a specific agreement in January 2011. Through this agreement, Caja Cantabria finances the design and drafting of the preliminary draft and the IDITIC Project, its Feasibility Plan and Strategic Plan and selection, recruitment and remuneration of the management team. The agreement also states that UC will promote Caja Cantabria as a party in the organizational structure. Caja Cantabria will also participate in the net income of IDITIC. The agreement lasts for five years from 2010, with regular financial contributions.

Reflecting the ongoing cooperation between both institutions in recent times, Caja Cantabria has sponsored several cultural UC- driven  initiatives through the University Extension Program * such as the PIMEM Project (Children’s Music Workshop), the “Cantabria Musical Production “ Cycle  or the XX International Fair of Contemporary Theatre.

(*) Action that corresponds to the one reflected in the Strategic Plan for conversion to Campus of International Excellence (CIE) in 2009.

NOTE: This text has been prepared by the University of Cantabria on the basis of agreements reached with Caja Cantabria and is subject to review by this institution.



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