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The Torrelavega Town Council - Ayuntamiento de Torrelavega
Ayuntamiento de Torrelavega

​The Torrelavega Town Council ( is one of the founding associates of the Cantabria International Campus according to the framework agreement signed by the institutions participating in the project and the specific agreement signed by the institution in 2009. 

Within the framework of Cantabria International Campus, the University of Cantabria and the Torrelavega Town Council are accelerating their collaboration with the dual aim of building a university with roots in the region and providing the town of Torrelavega with the social, economic and cultural benefits that go with being home to university faculties.

Torrelavega Council has collaborated with Cantabria University on initiatives that are vital when planning spaces conforming to urban and environmental criteria on the Torrelavega University Campus. For example, in May 2010, the 'Gimbernat Cantabria'Physiotherapy School building was opened following an investment of millions of euros in the building work. Similarly, funds were provided for a large square, which is the initial phase of future urbanisation, building and service-creation development. In addition the University Housing Programme on the Torrelavega Campus is currently underway, where 40 university accommodation units are planned to be built in 2012

As far as the Cantabria International Campus “Language and Heritage” area of knowledge is concerned, Torrelavega Council has loaned part of its historical archives to be digitised and included on the Cantabria Semantics and Heritage website (Heritage Project 3.0) )* which is led by the Botín Foundation and Cantabria University researchers.
The citizens of Torrelavega also benefit from both the Extracurricular University Classrooms activities organised by Cantabria University in Torrelavega* and the lecture cycles on “Cantabria’s destroyed heritage”.

The Council and the University are also planning to develop an exceptional welfare and research installation project which will be associated to the teaching programme at the aforementioned Physiotherapy School.

(*)An action that is in agreement with the contents of the 2009 Strategic CEI plan 
NB: This text has been drawn up by the University of Cantabria based on the agreements reached with Torrelavega Town Council and has yet to be revised by that institution.


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