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The Santander City Council - Ayuntamiento de Santander
Ayuntamiento de Santander

​The Santander City Council ( is one of the founding associates of the Cantabria International Campus according to the specific agreement signed by the institution in 2009. 

Collaboration between the University of Cantabria and Santander City Council has historically been extremely close and productive, growing progressively over recent years and eventually joining Cantabria International Campus institutionally. This collaboration has been noted in the Cantabria International Excellence Campus Evaluation Report by the Ministry of Education’s assessment committee which emphasises the “good relationship between the University of Cantabria and Santander City Council.”

Santander City Council is vital for the International Excellence Campus as far as the physical transformation of the campus and the improvement of its facilities (sports centres, halls of residence and living spaces) are concerned. An example of this is the handing-over of 53,000m2 to the University of Cantabria, by means of the agreement between Santander City Council and Cantabria University which regulates actions related to the assignation of spaces and urban integration in the Las Llamas Campus.

Also worthy of special mention is the signing of the collaboration agreement on the assignation of land at the new Santander Fire Station for the building of the “Santander Fire Resarch Center”, a research centre that gives greater dimension to Cantabria University’s researchers’ experience through the GIDAI.

Santander City Council and the University of Cantabria are working on the development of a model by which the city and the university feed each other back and share spaces and activities. The following actions that have taken place can be highlighted:

  • The setting-up in the city of Santander of the SmartSantander and Outsmart projects, financed by the European Union, which are within the framework of the Cantabria International Campus’s Technology excellence area *. These projects show the strength of the collaboration between the two institutions: Cantabria University presented its candidature to the EU to develop this research and the City Council joined forces by providing the space where the tests take place and collaboration with the citizens. As a continuation to these projects the setting-up in Santander of the Institute for the Development and Innovation of Information and Communication Technologies (IDITIC) is planned.
  • The transformation of the campus with actions like the installation of the TusBic cycle-hire service, the laying-down of the cycle lane, the direct link between the campus and the Sardinero dual-carriageway and the building of the Santander Stage in the Las Llamas Park, where musical activities programmed by the Council and by the University are to be held.
  • Cantabria University and the city also support each other in their mutual vocation for internationalisation in concrete actions such as the International Programme for Cooperation on Development* and the organisation of scientific seminars on an international scale by Cantabria.

We should point out that as a result of the interactions between the two institutions the city of Santander has received the distinction “City of Science and Innovation” from the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN), and was rated the 6th best city in Spain in which to study (Merco City Report 2010).

(*)An action that is in agreement with the contents of the 2009 Strategic CEI plan 
NB: This text has been drawn up by the University of Cantabria based on the agreements reached with Santander City Council and has yet to be revised by that institution.  



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