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Dear Student:
The University of Cantabria, via its International Relations Office, sees the internationalisation of the entire university community as one of its main goals and mobility as the essential requirement to successfully achieve this international objective.
In an attempt to further improve services for students we have prepared this complete Exchange Students’ Guide, which will hopefully be a very useful tool for rapid consultation as to what studies our university has to offer, thereby allowing you to better understand its academic system, the conditions and processes of admission and to know where the Office for International Relations is and what activities it carries out.
You will also find in this guide a description of the most relevant aspects of the city of Santander and its region, as well as practical information on accommodation, medical assistance or the cost of living in our ‘Comunidad Autónoma’ (self-governed region).
There is also an extremely useful appendix in which you will find the answers to the questions  the staff at the Office for International Relations have been most frequently asked over the years and which, thanks to their efficiency and experience, will help many exchange students.
We trust that the information offered in this guide will help to make your stay here at the university fulfilling, both academically and personally, and that you will enjoy the many attractions of this pleasant city and this beautiful region.


Exchange Students' Guide