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CCI's conceptual model is visualized in the development of a strategic area, the International Campus of Water and Energy (CIAE), of great singularity in the framework of Spanish and international universities, endowed with the highest probability of success and high international short-term impact thanks to the great scientific, knowledge transfer, educational and social capacity that ensues from its aggregations and own proposed actions.
Water and energy are linked as the two essential resources to guarantee the sustainability of the planet and our way of life. The management of these resources generates impacts in the ecosystems, determines the planning of infrastructures and affects the integrated management of the territory and climate change. For all this, water and energy are in the center of the social equality and of the sustainability of the future economic model.
The search for solutions to confront the future needs the analysis of the interrelationship between both resources and their interaction with the natural and socioeconomic environment and requires the best scientific knowledge, the most advanced technological solutions and human resources with an education and top-level training.
The proposed aggregation possesses already key resources, achievements and international leadership to reach the aims of the model of CCI by means of the development of singular actions planned in the lines of improvement of the areas proposed in this call.