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Key resources
Agua y Energía Recursos clave

The capacity of specialization and sectorialization concerning a field, marine renewable energies, that constitutes a strategic regional bet, with great projection of future, and based on research of high technological value and transferability.

The scientific and knowledge and technology transfer capacity level of the different research groups of the UC that, from the leadership of the Environmental Hydraulics Institute (joint Institute between UC and the IH Cantabria Foundation), shape a critical multidisciplinary mass of great potential. In scientific productivity in the last 10 years it has occupied the first absolute position in Spain in the JCR field "Ocean engineering " and in the ratio publications/researcher one of the most distinguished positions in the world, after publishing 36% of the Spanish papers in the journal with the highest impact and authoring 6 of the 10 most cited papers. The UC researchers have two National Environment Awards and numerous international Awards (two "Paepe-Willems" Awards, maximum recognition for young scientists of the International Association of Ports and Coasts, one award of the American Geophysical Union in Hydrology) and several national Awards (3 "Modesto Vigueras" of the Spanish Association of Ports and Coasts, REPSOL Foundation).

The capacity of internationalization, based on an intense collaboration with Cornell University that, in terms of size, academic, research and R&D transfer models, is considered to be one of the archetypes for CCI and the UC, as well as with other international centres.

The intense interaction with Industry, with programmes of collaboration in R&D and innovation with different regional, national and international companies of the sector among which appears VESTAS, SIEMENS, ACCIONA, EON, REPOWER or IBERDROLA.

The quality of research infrastructures associated to the aggregation such as the Large-Scale Facility of the Ministry of Science and Innovation "Cantabria Coastal and Ocean Wave Basin ", enhanced with the creation of two experimental offshore parks.

Its viability, indispensable requirement to consolidate the excellence, international projection and impact of the project, thanks to the additional funding of public-private origin, provided to this initiative by adding to the CCI the development of R&D initiatives linked to the Renewable Energy Plan of Cantabria.