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Open positions for senior researchers 2012: Banking, Finance and Entrepreneurial Activity
Call status: Finished
Open positions for senior researchers 2011

Official Announcement for the Augusto González Linares (AGL) Programme to Attract International Talent in Strategic Areas, set out within the International Campus of Excellence and the University of Cantabria, for two projects in its strategic area: Banking, Finance and Entrepreneurial Activity

The University of Cantabria Foundation for Study and Research in the Financial Sector (known here on as UCEIF), the University of Cantabria (known here on as UC) and the Santander Bank work together in the Cantabria International Campus Project (known here on as CCI) (see which was chosen in the 2009 Official Announcement in the International Campus of Excellence programme (known here on as CEI) in the Dept. of Education (see
The UCEIF Foundation, sponsored by the University of Cantabria and the Santander Bank, is the main institute which drives the actions that are carried out in the strategic CCI area of Banking, Finance and Entrepreneurial Activity.
Within the framework of general CCI objectives, UC has set up an “International Programme to Attract International Talent” called “Augusto González Linares” Attraction of International Talent in Strategic Areas (AGL). The present official announcement, jointly promoted by the UC and the UCEIF Foundation, is centred on two projects which are to be carried out within Banking and Finance. In order to do this, a procedure has been established which on the one hand will guarantee the strategic value of the proposals by means of the previous selection of projects, whose impact on the CCI context is relevant for research as well as for knowledge transfer, and on the other hand which ensure the attraction of researchers or technologists of the highest level with a capacity to head these projects through a competitive international announcement, based on the criteria of excellence and efficiency, with principles of equity, merit and capacity.
The aim of this Programme, which is set within CCI, is to organize a way to implement groups of research and transfer in Cantabria which on a short term will develop new research lines which are considered strategic and which have not yet been conveniently covered in the present system of science and technology in our community, or which strengthen currently existing lines, consolidating specific lines for the future. It is hoped that that these groups will be capable of contributing and lending substantial actions in research as well as in transfer, strengthening quality research in those strategic areas and contributing to their transfer to the social and productive fabric in general and in our Autonomous Community in particular. These groups will be asked for the capacity to generate within their environment a group of researchers and technologists whose activity has a strong effect and impact on the system of Science and Technology in Cantabria and in the regional innovating capacity, set out within the general CCI objectives, contributing to achieving the European Area of Research and to strengthening Cantabria as a region of knowledge.
Closing date to receive applications: June 29th,  2012.


This official public announcement, corresponding to a Research Project in Banking Processes, was published in 2011 but was left unfulfilled. Therefore,  in an order dated March 16th, 2012 a new period for candidates to present their applications until June 29th, 2012 has been opened.   The official text in the public announcement published in 2011 (call guidelines, annexes, application form) has been maintained.