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Cantabrian Regional Government
Gobierno de Cantabria

​The Cantabrian Regional Government, (, is one of the foundational aggregates of Cantabria International Campus, according to the agreement signed in 2009.

The Cantabrian Government is essential for the success of the Campus of Excellence, as a common project in creating a region of knowledge.  The Executive participates in different ways and in all areas of excellence supporting its strategies and actions.

The relationship with the General Board of Universities is continuous and highly positive in agreeing to the application of general agreements and in maintaining the line of mutual information.

The Regional Government Department for Economic Affairs, as managing body of regional finances, is the intermediary of a significant part of the financial resources of the Campus of Excellence and Innocampus

In the strategic area of “Biomedicine and Biotechnology”, the Government participates through the Regional Government Department of Health as manager of Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital and the Marqués de Valdecilla Institute of Training and Research (IFIMAV); it is a member of the board of trustees of the Biomedicine and Biotechnology Institute (IBBTEC) and the only shareholder of Valdecilla Virtual Hospital.  Moreover, it is the driving force of the strategy proposed by Cantabria International Campus to add strength in Health Sciences in Cantabria in a cluster which includes both public institutions and private companies.

The Institute of Environmental Hydraulics (IH Cantabria) is made up of the Universidad de Cantabria and the Regional Government, they have invested in key infrastructures such as the Renewable Energy Tower and have contributed to it being built. It represents the most modern infrastructure in the network of CEITs, and in the creation of the Sea of Innovation Cantabria Cluster, which joins institutions and leading companies in offshore energies.  Thus, the government action is a key factor in continuing the high level of I+D+I of Cantabria in the field of “Water and Energy”

The Regional Government is highly represented in the Board of Trustees of the Comilla Foundation, a key institution in the field of “Language and Cultural Heritage” of CCI*.  In the Board, other national both public and private institutions take part together with the UC and the Santander Bank.  Its collaboration is also relevant to the International Institute of Prehistoric Research of Cantabria and the creation of a cluster of Cultural Heritage

The participation of the Government through Sodercan in the CCI Technology Area of Excellence manifests itself in its support to Smart cities projects (SmartSantander and OutSmart), which is connected with the regional strategies of industrial renewal, by means of Sodercan with the aim of creating the Institute for Development and Innovation in the Information and Communication Technology (IDITIC).  Moreover, this institute will include scientific lines linked with communication and computing fields, which are also integrated in the regional strategies and are a part of the strength of UC research groups.

The public company PCTCAN, administrator of the Science and Technology Park in which the IH and IBBTEC headquarters are located, has an important role in the establishment of these infrastructures and in those needed throughout the IDITIC project.
The Regional Government is also essential in the actions of Cantabria International Campus, aimed at teaching and scientific improvement, the knowledge transfer and the transformation of the campus, funding specific activities and infrastructures and collaborating in the implementation of the actions agreed with other aggregates, such as those related to promoting entrepreneurship.

NOTE: This text has been elaborated by the University of Cantabria on the basis of the agreements with the Oceanographic Institute of Santander and is subject to revision by this institution .



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